A Personalized, Restorative, Whole Body Approach to Health & Wellness

With current trends in medicine, do you feel like you are just a number?  

Do you want a doctor that will listen and not seem like they have to rush off to the next patient?

Do you want not only a physician but someone that will advocate for you and act as your health coach too?

If your answer is yes, I believe you have landed in the RIGHT place!

Welcome!  So glad you are here.

Relational, personalized healthcare does indeed seem to be fading these days.

While there certainly have been great advancements in both treatments and technology, our modern-day health and wellbeing lies in juxtaposition to this as chronic health conditions are on the rise.  

You will not be just a number with me.

I practice with a functional medicine approach which is personalized (no cookie cutter methods) and considers you as a whole person - body, mind and soul. I work with you towards your health & wellness goals utilizing holistic and restorative techniques.

I am Dr. Jennifer Cardinal, located in Bethel, CT. I work with patients both near and far alike.

If you are struggling with a chronic health condition, seeking natural hormone balancing solutions or bioidentical hormone therapy or looking for nutritional guidance and health coaching - you are in the right place, and I would love to help.

Wherever you are at today, there is always hope.

Continue to learn more about me by exploring these pages.

Additionally, feel free to reach out to me, tell me your story and see if we are a good fit.

Dr Jennifer Cardinal, DC, CFMP

Functional Medicine

Get to the root cause of your health condition with a restorative, functional approach.  Functional medicine can help with hormonal imbalances, thyroid dysfunction, sleep disorders, gut/digestive problems, migraines, skin conditions and more.  

Nutrition, Dispensary & Essential Oils

Personalized nutritional assessments to determine what is best for YOU! Dietary and supplement recommendations individualized and personalized according to your specific needs.

Guided metabolic reset programs.

On-line physicians’ dispensary.

Essential Oils.

Meet Dr. Jennifer

I see myself as your hope, health and wellness advocate. While perfect health may not exist, there is absolutely BETTER!  I am here to guide, encourage & empower you to be your best YOU.

When you function better, you feel better and you LIVE better!  

Reach out to me to see if we are a good fit in your health journey.  


Community, connections & resources for all things hope, health & wellness.

Wellness Vault

Recipe Bundles - Meal Plans - Health Guides - Wellness Toolkits & More.


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